• Instalment Contract Case Study | Part 1 [Audio]

    How by using an Instalment Contract I helped my mentee secure his Dream Home and pocket in excess of £3000/month cashflow. 

    In this audio I wanted to go through a case study that we are really proud of. Case studies are a fantastic way to find out how exactly deals actually get put together.

    I not only negotiate deals for myself, I also have several mentees. Some of the deals I work on are incredibly challenging and they vary considerably – after all, one solution doesn’t fit all in this arena.

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    This deal I want to outline completed late last year, and it required lot of perseverance and relationship management between the seller, her children, my mentee, the lender and several other debtors. It was a very complicated deal with a very creative structuring, utilising an instalment contract strategy,which created a win-win for all concerned.

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    To give you a little background on the buyer, Mesud Sali came to the UK in 2005 from a small town in Bulgaria looking to better his future prospects. He joined Brunel University, and his main aim was to make a success of his life and achieve his goals. He started to look around to see how he could improve his career prospects and put money in his pocket. While he was at Brunel University, he stumbled across Rick Otton and by virtue myself, as Ricks’s UK mentor of his mentorship programme. At the time I had several mentees and he certainly stood out, as he was ambitious and hungry for success, eager to learn and progress.

    instalment contract case studyDoug Ponsford, his business partner, who is an ex mortgage broker, could not get his head around creative strategies initially, but once he paired up with Mesud it was explosive and they really complemented each other.

    While I was supporting him and Doug Ponsford with other deals, Mesud came across a large 4-bedroom house with 3 reception rooms and a 2 bedroom extension. It also had the potential for an annex in the garden. He wanted the property not only for the purpose of making money and securing his future, but also as a property that he and his wife could live in.

    The property was in Orpington, Kent and it was about to be repossessed as the owner was an accidental landlord. She originally bought this property for her family to live in but due to trouble with the neighbours and in order to protect her children she decided to leave and rent it out whilst she relocated her family to another area.

    Unfortunately, being an accidental landlord she had tenants who took advantage of her inexperience, and she found herself in a position where they stopped paying rent and trashed the place. This led to the owner not being able to pay the mortgage and therefore falling into arrears and under threat of repossession.

    Shortly after seeing the property, the relationship between Mesud and the seller had broken down and he simply could not get hold of her. He contacted me in desperation as she wasn’t responding to any means of communication.

    Therefore, I had to step in to rescue the deal and babysit the seller.

    See part two of this Instalment Contract Case Study

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