• Instalment Contract Sandwich Option Case Study | Part 1 [Video]

    July 15, 2013

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    Reena Malra - Queen of Options - Instalment Contract Case Study

    Instalment Contract Case Study

    In this case study, I document exactly how my mentees, Robert and Biljana, completed their 1st deal using an Instalment Contract Sandwich Option in the picturesque location of Weymouth, Dorset. They will Profit £33,000 with no mortgage in their name & absolutely no money put into the deal!

    My Mentees, Robert and Biljana (Husband & Wife) have been on quite a journey since starting in property but their success rate has skyrocketed since joining my mentorship program. So that you can take instant action for immediate results too, I will be sharing exactly how their 1st deal was put together including how they found the seller, the buyer (their circumstances) & how it was structured as an Instalment Contract Sandwich Option!

    Robert and Biljana have worked in corporate life for many years, although they were earning a top salary & enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle; they found themselves working longer & longer hours just to make somebody else rich.  They were also unhappy knowing that their fate was in the hands of their boss and with an adverse economic climate it looked increasingly unlikely their contracts would be renewed, leaving them vulnerable. They decided to be proactive and aimed to secure their financial future to ensure a high quality of life for their family. They set out to replace their income through property and by default become their own boss.

    Robert & Biljana initially looked at buy-to-let investing a few years ago but were forced to abandon those plans as they were unable to get a mortgage. They began exploring alternatives & soon became aware of Creative Property Strategies, which matched their circumstances and ambitions.

    After doing their research on Creative Strategies, Robert and Biljana very quickly realised they needed expert advice and mentoring in order to give them the best chance of success in the shortest time possible. They came across me ‘by way of reputation in the marketplace’ and I agreed to take them on board my mentoring program and I am really glad I did!

    One of the lead generating techniques I gave Robert and Biljana to implement was to identify people who were personally advertising their property to sell. Through use of my unique ‘suspects to prospects’ qualifying system, they were able to quickly narrow down to some seriously motivated sellers.

    The seller in this deal had a dream to start up a new restaurant business abroad but couldn’t see any way of doing so due to her property predicament. The house was highly indebted and if it were to be sold through conventional means (i.e. estate agents), all of the equity would have been lost. With this in mind Robert and Biljana explained to the seller how an instalment contract strategy would allow her to get her asking price and therefore enable her to fulfill her dream. This was obviously very appealing to the seller and she was pleased that the property would be in safe hands.

    Robert's 1st Deal - Instalment Contract Sandwich Option

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