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    October 23, 2013

    Property Profits Revealed

    Our hugely popular event ‘Property Profits Revealed’ is back and coming to a venue near you…!


    Since running our very first event in August 2013 and second event in September 2013, many of our delegate’s lives have already begun to dramatically change.

    Countless people have been asking when we will be doing it all again. We are therefore delighted to announce two more dates for our hugely popular ‘Lease Option Vs. Instalment Contract Secrets…REVEALED!’ 1-day event:

    Date 1: Saturday 23rd November 2013

    Location: Ibis London Earls Court Hotel

    Date 2: Saturday 25th January 2014

    Location: Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC Hotel

    Property Profits Revelaed

    I decided to put this course together following years of badgering from people whom I have helped in property; they thought it would be hugely beneficial for more people to know about my lucrative methods and strategies. Therefore I finally took the plunge in August 2013 to combine all of my knowledge and experience about lease options and instalment contracts (EDCs) into a 1-Day course designed to help others profit from property.

    Since running my very first event I have been inundated with requests to run my event all around the country. I’m so excited to able to share my passion for creative strategies with people based not just in London but further north.

    My one-day course teaches delegates how to make a fast and sizeable income from property WITHOUT any of the hassle, expense and stress associated with the most common investment strategies. There are no roadblocks with this course. My strategies require no lengthy mortgage applications, no hefty deposit, and no in depth credit checks.

    I personally have had dramatic success with lease options over recent years, as well as other creative strategies, such as instalment contracts, EDCs (Exchange with Delayed Completion), tenant buyer, assisted sales, BMVs, stopping repossessions, rent to rent, multi let/HMOs, sandwich options, joint ventures, some now-some later, short sales, and many more besides.

    In fact, within the last 7 years I’ve succeeded in building a multi-million pound cash-flowing portfolio in the UK and the US, completing on well over 300 creative deals for my mentees and me.

    The great thing about this course is that you can actually meet my mentees. They are in the room, offering information on their own experiences – they are ‘real people doing real deals’ which makes a massive difference to the belief of those wanting to develop the strategies for themselves. My mentees always go down a treat as everyone can relate to them being just like them, ordinary people who have just taken massive action for terrific results.

    Another highlight of this one-day course is the role-plays; we go through live scenarios in the room between a seller/buyer and investor to analyse speech patterns and rapport building. The attendees always love this, as it’s a fantastic way to learn about exactly what they will be doing when they leave the room. It’s crucial to understand how how saying the right words at the right time and in the right tone can make the world of difference.

    I encourage delegates to ask questions at any point in the day, allowing them to jump in whilst the questions are fresh in their head. I always find this works best as I want the day to be as interactive as possible and it’s more then likely they are not the only person in the room with that question. I firmly believe being brave and asking questions to clarify gaps in understanding is the most efficient way to progress, why go and make your own mistakes when you can learn from mine!

    On the day we go through real deals my mentees and me have completed, right from sourcing the lead to signing the contracts. This makes the whole process very real! Particularly as we also have testimonials from very gracious sellers explaining how we were able to find solutions to their problems. Very few people can showcase real deals like this in detail!

    With this one-day course, we teach you to earn anything from £10k to a £100k+ per property deal, allowing you to bank a 5 figure monthly income each and every month. So before you think to yourself “this is too good to be true!” why not take a look at what people practicing our strategies make of this approach…

    “£33k from my very first deal! Reena’s advice, guidance and mentoring has been absolutely invaluable. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!” Robert

    “I had a successful highly paid job as an Oil Rig Engineer but wasn’t getting enough quality of life. I stand to profit £124,000 in my first 7 months using Creative Property Strategies! Reena is the Real Deal!” Neil

    Here are a few things people had to say after attending my 1-day event:

    “Reena really is the ‘Queen of Options’. If you want to learn from someone who has ‘really’ made this work in the UK, she is the best!” Martin

    “Loved Reena’s way of teaching and uniquely doing property – the only course I know of that gives you an opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and real life action. So many courses cost more and deliver less.” Sudeshna

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the focus on being a problem solver, rather than having a fixed, cast in stone, way of structuring deals. The seminar was really well presented and full of real life experience!” Sandra

    “Reena goes into each area very thoroughly and can answer any of your questions through her extensive knowledge!” Roger

    “This workshop opens up the real possibility of financial freedom through lease options and Reena is there to walk you through every step of the way!” Spencer

    “Not only is Reena the leading UK expert in options but she is also one of the nicest people in the industry. Top marks!” Damien

    “I would recommend this course to anyone starting up in Options and Instalment Contracts / EDC as Reena makes it very easy for you to understand with fun and interactive exercises!” Henry

    Visit Property Profits Revealed for booking details and more information about the day including my Top Secret 7-Step Command and Conquer Formula!

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