• Property Lease Options and Instalment Contracts Are Useful If You Cannot Sell Your Property

    I recently read a report which warned that there are millions of homeowners who are unable to move due to having no deposit, savings or equity in their home.  Many people have little or no equity and many more are in negative equity due to falling house prices over the last few years.

    Lloyds TSB has said that this trend is causing a bottleneck, whereby families are prevented from moving until house prices significantly rise again. This problem is acute for families known as ‘second steppers’ whereby families cannot move on from their starter home.

    I believe that the scale of the ongoing financial crisis has continued to cause huge problems for both buyers and sellers. Sellers are unable to sell due to negative equity or loss of equity and no back up savings. They are struggling as they have lost their equity and savings in the property, and are now unable to take advantage of potential future growth.

    In addition, first time buyers are unable to get on the property ladder as they need bigger deposits and due to more stringent credit checks.

    As a result, the property market has stagnated, so buyers feel trapped unable to downsize or upsize. However, there are solutions to this problem to make it easier for the buyers to buy by offering flexible terms. This includes a property lease option, delayed completion or instalment contract whereby they come in with a small deposit and start to make monthly payments and buy the house in a few years time.

    This is a win-win for sellers and buyers and gets the market moving again.

    These creative strategies are well used and established solutions to relieve this bottleneck to those in the know.

    If you would like to find out more about the benefits of property lease options and instalment contracts, or even if you are having financial difficulties and maybe facing repossession, then please call me on 0203 397 7030 or arrange a call back. It costs nothing to talk and I may be able to help you find a solution.


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