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    Speaking & Mentoring

    Nov 21, 2012 by John Cox

    Reena has spoken at the main meet at the Bucks Property Meet and also the Pre-Meet and on both occasions has over delivered - her knowledge and ethical nature of doing business and deals always keeps her as the go to person for lease options / instalment contracts / tenant buyers.

    I have only heard great things from some of the individuals she has worked with - so would always consider Reena as the "Go To" person for these creative contracts and mentoring to become an expert is this area ;-)


    Thanks for coming al the way to the Humber Property Network

    Oct 30, 2012 by Robin Shaw

    Humber Property Network – Fabulous evening. Many thanks to Reena Malra for driving from Maidenhead to transmit her love and passion to the members of the Humber Property Network for doing creative deals including lease options and for revealing the 7 deadly mistakes we make with vendors. A few people came away with light bulb moments as she made us see lease options from a different perspective. Thanks Reena

    Response: It was my pleasure Robin. Thank you for inviting me - you certainly have a great crowd there and they were all fantastic. Glad I was able to inspire them. Reena

    Looking forward to working with you

    Oct 28, 2012 by Kim W

    Thanks for your call Reena. It inspired and helped me make some fundamental decisions so I can take my first steps into property NOW. I look forward to working with you.

    Response: My pleasure Kim - I\'m sure you\'ll be a great student and with your determination you will surely succeed. Reena

    Queen of Lease Options!

    May 30, 2012 by Deena

    Reena is the queen of lease options, which for me is a complex subject I just could not get my head around. Came across a property which was about to be repossessed and I had exhausted every option I could think of for this vendor. I thought I had to give Reena a call as an option deal was the last hope. Reena made the lease option deal sound so simple and easy and within 24 hours I was inundated with enquiries. If you are looking to do options, Reena is the person you need to be speaking to. Thanks Reena.

    Response: Glad to be of help Deena and to the vendor in what would have been a very trying time for them. There is always a solution. Reena

    Secured £5k a month net cashflow

    May 30, 2012 by Joe H

    Reena helped me in securing a large portfolio from a retired landlord with net cashflow of 5k/month. She is the perfect mentor to guide you through this maze, you won’t find anyone better!

    Response: Yes we had our work cut out but we got there in the end. Great deal and everyone was happy. Reena

    5 Deals in the last 8 months!

    May 29, 2012 by Neil Edmundson

    I have completed 5 deals in the last 8 months but could not have achieved this without the care and support that Reena has given me, she has held my and through every step of the way. Reena is the real deal and I credit all my success to her!

    Response: Well done Neil for taking action and securing deals in such a short space of time, I know you were apprehensive in the beginning as you had never done an investment property deal before. So pleased you have been successful so soon after leaving your well paid job. Pleasure working with you! Reena

    Reena got us going!

    May 20, 2012 by Bill and Darren Patel

    We weren’t doing any deals until we came on board Reena’s Mentorship Programme. The progression made with Reena’s Guidance has been absolutely massive and by adopting her marketing techniques we have had huge success, she has also helped monopolise the leads we generate. Reena’s never let us down and has been the most fantastic mentor!

    Response: Really enjoyed working with you guys and seeing you progress rapidly. You always took on board my advice and took action immediately which was the fundamental reason for your phenominal success today. Your enthusiasm and energy is second to none! reena

    You helped me change my life!

    May 01, 2012 by Simon Mills

    Thank you for helping me change my life around following my accident that led to amputation of my right arm. Before meeting you, my life had been a rollercoaster ride to say the least, with an awful lot of downs. Previous mentors had made things really difficult for me by providing wrong information. Since joining your mentorship program it has gone from the phone ringing now and then to the phone ringing every day, and within the first month we have over 50 viewing booked in and finding it hard to keep up. Out of those 50 leads, we could land up to 10 deals with your help and guidance. I’m so excited about the future now more then I have been in a long long time since the accident. Again thank you Reena you have been an inspiration and I’d like to think I have gained a good friend

    Response: Great fun working with you, so proud of what you have achieved. I\'m really pleased that I was part of the journey that changed your life around following your motorcycle accident. Good luck in the future! Reena

    A real eye opener

    Dec 12, 2011 by Kamal

    “Reena's presentation was very informative a real eye opener. Reena simplified lease options in a way a child would understand it. She is truly the Queen of Lease Options!”

    Response: Thanks Kamal - keep it simple - that is the way. Good luck for the future. Reena

    I will be cold calling Landlords!

    Dec 12, 2011 by Bob

    “Thank you so much for the FANTASTIC advice you gave me on how to cold-call landlords. I shall put it into action immediately!”

    Response: Great to hear Bob - there are so many Lordlords who need help - they just don\'t know how to find it and cold calling is a superb way. It just takes one Landlord to hear what you say and you have the makings of a deal. Win Win situation is what it is all about. Let me know how you get on. Reena

    Property Lease Options Advice , 5.0 5.0 44 44 Reena has spoken at the main meet at the Bucks Property Meet and also the Pre-Meet and on both occasions has over delivered - her knowledge and ethical nature of doing business and