• What is a Property Lease Option? [Audio]

    A property lease option is a legally binding agreement/contract taken over a property that gives the option holder the right to buy, sell or rent the property at any time during the agreed period for the agreed price. During the agreed period the option holder will pay an agreed fixed amount of money every month for the right to control that property asset.

    Given the current climate, property lease option is a very versatile and flexible tool.  As a strategy it gives you the freedom to exercise the option you have on the property or to walk away.

    In a nutshell, a property lease option is a legally binding agreement. As an investor, you take over control of the property, giving you the right to buy, rent out, live in, or sell the property. We agree a timescale that the investor has as the option – this could be five, ten or even twenty years, and we also agree on the price.

    During the agreed period the option holder can pay the agreed fixed amount – essentially babysitting the mortgage. As a result they have the right to control the property in any way they see fit.

    It’s great if you simply want to dip your toe into the market, without the exposure to the current difficult economical climate we are in.

    Reena Malra has mentored hundreds of novice and experienced investors. Her techniques empower new and seasoned investors to successfully structure profitable property lease options, instalment contracts and other creative deals from start through to finish.

    With the current climate, obtaining finance is very difficult and this isn’t set to change any time soon. If you want to get onto the property ladder with little or no deposit, and without having to meet the strict lending criteria set by banks, property lease options could be the answer.

    If you would like to discuss property lease options as an investment strategy, give Reena a call on 0203 397 7030 or request a call back.

    Find out how Reena can help you if you’re a landlord.

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